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is the key to stop sufferances. What if money was not a factor to make us a proud Nation? Take our courses to SYNCHRONIZE...
lan se li ki ede retire soufrans . Esi Lajan pat faktè ki bay fyète pou yon peyi ?
Vinn pran Klas nou yo pou nou ka synkwonize

Why us?

Highly experienced instructors

Dedicated and focused subjects

What should all know to make the necessary change together. Why everyone need to be on the same page with the vision: A new Haiti: Our own industry and mindsets. These courses will help with you on diverse subjects and how they work together in building a viable ecosystem.

Weekly Live lessons

Weekly Live lessons

We provide new and updated lessons every week on the foundation. These session will permit questions and answers to make sure they satisfy all your needs and requirements you may have about the classes' subject. Our instructors have an individual approach for each of you, in case you need extra information or repetition of the material.

Downloadable materials

Downloadable materials

Our Instructors prepare materials, which you are able to download, and rewatch as much as will be needed. You will have video materials with you, in case you want to learn on your way home, or workplace. We do our best to guarantee your comfort.

Guaranteed results

Guaranteed results

Our students’ feedback lets us proudly claim that our lessons have 100% efficiency for the students. They include both theoretical and practical parts, which makes the learning process much easier.

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By the people and for the people.

Before starting the course I had some basic knowledge of history, but after taking these lessons, I gained some confidence and a better understanding of the world history. The lessons provide a full theoretical and practical information helping me gain the drive needed to make the best of all situations and Haiti.

Bradley Souffrant


I can't believe what I learned but doing the researched and work proves that my instructor was right about it all. The hard part was to think that as Haitian was not so important but to the contrary. I felt so proud. Now, I am waiting to take other classes to see how I can become a better man and not a victim to this world system.

Jean Douillon


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